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The Josh Craig

William Bosch
The Josh Craig

The Josh Craig is a musician, hologram and video game artist, model, photographer, and all around master of vibes. He created an original track to further elevate and enhance the mood of Topstone videos shot by Medicinal Light & Magic. The result is a lofty, adventure-seeking moment propelled by his hypnotic mix. 



Where are you based and what do you create?

I’m based on Earth for now, primarily Greenpoint Brooklyn. I create honest experiences for those seeking something pure using audio and visuals tools of the past and future.

You have a distinct visual style and sound -- how would you describe it, and how did you develop it?

I describe my style as honest and risk-taking. I developed my style by doing everything everyone told me not to do with music and chose what ultimately worked best for me.

What is your recording process like? What’s is like on your set/takeover?

My recording process involves free flowing ideas being released into the world after moments of deep meditation or off impulse stemmed from spontaneous inner-city interactions.

What’s your favorite piece of gear? What makes the magic?

My favorite piece of gear is my microphone. The magic however happens on my lead synths. That’s where we get deep space 99.

How do you like to use cannabis in your daily life? Any preferences or rituals?

In my daily life I prefer to use CBD topicals to propel my body into an ultimate state of comfort and ease. I’m a big fan of the Topstone however so my ritual would be me making sure I pack it in my bag before every trip.

You’re on a coast to coast tour, what do you bring with you? What’s been some of your favorite experiences so far?

On tour I make sure to bring my Korg Volca hardware bag, Polaroid camera & extra film, some records w/ USB backups & a lot of stickers. My favorite experience hands down was seeing Chaka Khan and The Legendary Roots Crew at OMF18 w/ my friends before being annihilated by Techno til 6AM. Shouts to Phil Moffa & the Sheik-N-Beik fam.

Any other favorite takeover experiences?

Ha. Yeah. Finding Oat Milk in LA. Game changer right there. Strictly for the real ones.

What’s on the TJC island? The perfect takeover.

Nothing to hate and everything to love. Positive vibrations at all times. I want my island to levitate. Sounds like a trip but if you were there, it’d be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever experienced. Something like my #TJCTAKEOVER experiences.

What kind of story (or feeling) do you hope people pick up on when they hear your music?

I hope people pick up on the story of a soul-brother taking a chance while living the best life he can during some interesting trying times in America.

What do you want The Josh Craig to be known for?

I want to forever be remembered for giving people that real deal everytime in everything I’m involved in.

Are you a hologram?

You’ll find out soon enough.

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