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William Bosch
California Weed Blog

For this new series of videos, Topstone went west. We turned to California Weed Blog -- an incredible community triple threat resource that provides dispensaries and product reviews, break-downs of cannabis law, events info, and so much more -- to visually create the Topstone story.

They dive into the design aspects of Topstone, take you into our workshop to showcase the artisanal side of the vaporizer, and transport you poolside for a morning with, fittingly, Sunshine concentrates.

They brought on model and actor Sam Elliott to bring to the shoot the life -- we couldn't help wanting to get to know him better! He embodies that positive, sunny California spirit, seriously inspires us with his dedication to fitness to health, and praises the many benefits of cannabis. 

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Topstone: Hey Sam! First off, who are you and where are you based?

Well, I’m Sammy! A hard working actor/model who loves anything active and has a lot of love to give. I reside in the beautiful, sunny LA.

You’re a model and an actor -- what are some of your favorite shoots? What’s the last thing you worked on?

My favorite shoot is for sure the first feature film I was in when I was 8 years of age, LLOYD. The last thing I worked on was NBC’s Will and Grace show.

Any pre-shoot rituals? Being on camera is not always easy -- how do you prepare? You make it look so natural!

Yes, praying is a big first step always! Then I take a breath and kill my shoot.

What’s your must-have gear on set?

Haha! Love this question. My backpack/fanny pack filled! I’ll have, of course a back up charger...Whatever book I’m reading (usually a script), my iPad, and of course a vape pen.

On Insta, it’s clear you train hard -- any favorite workouts or Samski secrets? How do you stay motivated?

I love working out! It’s my life. But my favorite workout would have to be training legs, it’s so important to have a strong foundation. What motivates me is my family, always being the best I can for them.

How does cannabis factor into your lifestyle?

It’s become a big part of my life. From using it as post workout supplement for sore muscles and recovery, to using it for my headaches, upset stomach and nausea. It’s amazing and God given.

Does smoking and working out mix for you? I’ve been seeing weed-friendly gyms popping up more and more, does it factor into your pre or post workout?

Yes! Definitely in my post workout regimen.

samski fitness

The set location was incredible -- poolside and everything! What was it like on set?

Being on set was amazing, location is always key. That house was immaculate, wish it was mine.

What do you want “Sam Elliott”  to be known for?

For his love, generosity and hard work.